Aviso Agency

Rolex Fastnet 2015- Update

As we write this the first of the Large multihulls are on their way back to the finish, having rounded the rock during the night and heading back at a rather more leisurely pace than they are normally used to.

The two leading monohulls (Rambler 88 and Comanche) are also around, charging back down the Celtic sea in hot pursuit of their normally faster multihull competitors. Both Leopard and Momo are also around but have only just rounded it and are a little further back. These leading teams are all vying for line honours in their classes and overall, but the smaller boats with their handicap are likely to be the overall winners when all the times are corrected.

The majority of the fleet are only just passing the Scilly isles, many of whom will have had the same boats for company since the start and it is within this group of boats that it is likely the eventual winner will emerge.

Watch this space for more updates and photos and videos from the start.